Eastwooding Makes My Linguistic Day

It would have been easy to assume that when Clint Eastwood was lined up to speak at the Republican National Convention, Mitt Romney might have been sitting back and looking forward to to the positive publicity glow which the grizzled actor’s words would bathe him in.

Alas, no. This is Mitt Romney we are talking about, Wordability’s unlikely folk hero, and a man dogged by linguistic disaster wherever he treads.

And so it is with Clint. His ringing endorsement is being remembered not for the positive words he spoke about Mr Romney, but about the bizarre scene he acted out when he accosted an invisible Barack Obama, who was represented by an empty chair. And so, Eastwooding was born.

As Tebowing before it, so images are swamping the internet of people pointing at, basically, empty chairs. They are Eastwooding. The word is sweeping across the globe, and is rapidly gaining in usage.

Will it last beyond the week? Unlikely, and if it does, only until election time in a couple of months. Is it the word for which Clint would want to be remembered? Definitely not. And as for Mr Romney? He will be hoping that come debate time, Mr Obama remembers to turn up. He wouldn’t want to be Eastwooding live on national television.

4 thoughts on “Eastwooding Makes My Linguistic Day

  1. eastwooding

    Definition from Eastwoodings.com

    – Origin: Eastwooding started on August 30,2012 at the RNC (Republican National Convention) when Clint Eastwood (actor, producer, director) gave a speech/skit, critizing/mocking Mr. President.

    – Eastwooding (verb), the act of pointing your finger or talking to an empty chair.

    Eastwooding became popular on Social Networking websites when people started posting pictures of pointing their finger at an empty chair. As to critize, blame, make fun of an imaginary character. Like…

    “She is eastwooding her boss !”

    “She is eastwooding on the internet !”

    – Eastwooding (noun), a picture of a person pointing or talking to an empty chair. Typically a picture posted on the internet. As in…

    “Hey, I like that Eastwooding, it’s so cool.”

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