About Wordability

Wordability celebrates the ever-changing nature of the English language and some of the best new words, phrases and usages coming into it. Read more about the background to Wordability here.

About the author

Wordability is written and produced by Hugh Westbrook. I am a former journalist who has worked for some of the leading organisations in the news and sports fields. I’ve always had a fascination with the English Language and I completed a post graduate degree in Linguistics, focusing in particular on words and how they are used. And I once appeared on Countdown.

One thought on “About Wordability

  1. George Morrison

    I invented the word “wordability” twelve years ago. It is the nanme of a word game which we have beeen playing since and which we hope to have on the market in the near future.
    The definition of “wordability” is:
    The use of the letters in a word by, whilst reading the sequence of the letters conventionally from left to right or unconventionally in reverse as a different word or as the basis for a different word which can be read conventionally from leftto right or unconventionally from right to left e.g LOOP read from left to right becomes POOL when read from right to left or using the letters of a word as part of a longer word e.g.using the word RAP as part of the word TRAPED read from right to left.
    It the use of words in this way which is the basis of our word game WORDABILITY which we hope to have in the shops soon.

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