Klittra Comes First

The votes are in and the decision has been made – Sweden has a new word for female masturbation.

Last year, Swedish Association for Sexuality Education announced it was holding a poll to find a new word for the act as an important step in establishing equality for the sexes. Now, from more than 1,200 suggestions, the winner has emerged as Klittra, a combination of Clitoris and Glitter.

The reaction to this new word has been general approval, and this has certainly not just been restricted to sexually satisfied Swedes. Commentators across the world have praised the word for many things, such as its construction or the generally positive nature of the campaign as a whole.

The word is not yet in the Swedish dictionary – that will take a little more time. But that will surely only be a matter of time, as it seems almost certain the term will catch on in Sweden and will thereby cement its place in the language.

But what about further afield? The reaction to the story in the English-speaking world suggests that there isn’t currently a suitable term for female masturbation in English, and the concept and etymology of the Swedish term make it a perfect candidate to fill a void that is just as pressing in English as it is in Swedish.

So don’t be surprised to see Klittra make the move across languages in the next few years and establish itself as the world’s universal term for what is, after all, a universal act.

3 thoughts on “Klittra Comes First

  1. Darren

    Is this verb or noun? Does one say “I klittra” (well, not me personally), “she klittras” etc., or “she is going for a klittra”? And does it have to have the capital K? 🙂

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  3. A random swede called Joel

    It’s a verb, in infinitive form. The present tense would be klittrar. (No capital K required. ^_^) Maybe it would be more natural in english to use ‘clitter’?

    Anyway, if it was put up for a vote, I’d vote for ‘jilling’! 🙂

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