Taking a Break

It may seem odd to say that Wordability is going to take a break, having taken what appears to have been a massive vacation since early last year. The fact is, I never officially decided to stop writing posts, it was just that life got in the way.

But now Wordability is definitely going to take a breather.

There’s two reasons really. The first is, it isn’t that much fun any more. When I started 11 years ago, I had this sense that the new words and phrases coming into English weren’t always at the core of everyday life, and while there were serious topics to address, it was also possible to be frivolous about some of the words entering everyday usage.

I haven’t felt that recently. Language has become too weaponised, there are too many headlines about ‘woke’ this or ‘remoaner’ that. Words are being lobbed about like missiles. It’s fascinating to watch, but not necessarily something which I want to be spending my time writing about. At the moment, anyway.

And so to the second reason – I have decided to start a new blog dedicated to creative writing, something which I will enjoy every time I sit down to write. So check out what3stories to find out more.

Wordability will remain online, and serves a purpose I think of flagging up many of the words and issues of the 2010s. For now, it will stay like this.

But my fascination with the English Language remains – and there is every reason to believe that at some point in the future, new posts on Wordability will appear again.

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