The true meaning of Covfefe

There has been a mass outbreak of new word fever this week after Donald Trump somehow contrived to tweet a word which nobody had ever heard of.

‘Despite the constant negative press covefefe’ he trumpeted, kicking off a social media firestorm as people fell over each other to define the word, use it in a range of hilarious images or generally just throw it into random sentences for comic effect. Even the President himself joined in the fun, with a follow-up tweet building on his earlier apparent error:

How we all laughed and enjoyed the joke – why, even the president was joining in, poking fun at himself, making himself part of a worldwide conversation in which he was in some ways the hero. Good old Donald Trump. Almost symblomatic of the man himself, you might say.

Of course, two days later, Mr Trump pulled the United States out of the global climate accord, risking huge danger to the planet both now and in the future. He was roundly condemned, villified, but at the same time, the covfefe momentum had not slowed.

So, conspiratorially, what if it was no accident? What if it was a deliberately insane tweet?

Therefore I present to you the true definition of Covfefe – a distraction created to make someone seem more human and appealing, thereby attempting to deflect some of the criticism likely to come their way after they do something particularly appalling and devastating.

In which respect, Mr Trump’s covfefe worked rather well.

2 thoughts on “The true meaning of Covfefe

  1. sfcmac

    Thanks for clarifying the meaning of ‘Covfefe’.
    Some reciprocity: The entire ‘man-made global warming’ hoax was trounced in 2009 when confidential emails between ‘climate change’ scientists Phil Jones and Michael Mann, were leaked to a reporter from the BBC. The e-mails show how they manipulated data and information to fit the “human-caused climate change” narrative, how they planned to keep the IPCC (the UN department in charge of monitoring climate change) from considering scientific viewpoints that challenged their legitimacy, and how they intended to squelch criticism.
    The ensuing ‘Climategate’ scandal brought a crapload of scrutiny on the hucksters who pushed this shit in the first place.
    Just two years after the story broke, Obama’s ‘Science Czar’ was caught trying to create a back channel to hide emails from anyone requesting information through the FOIA.
    It’s time we divested ourselves from this fatuous ‘climate change’ bullshit. Pulling out of the Paris agreement is a good start.
    The only risk to the planet would be continuing to supplement the insanity of this hoax with millions of dollars that should be spent on better things.

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