Do You Want Fries With Your Dictionary?

I wonder if Australia’s Macquarie dictionary is regretting the fact that it allows people to submit words for inclusion.

The Australian arm of McDonald’s is lobbying for the word Macca’s to be included in the next update. Macca’s is the abbreviation by which the chain is known by many across Australia, and the company feels that this level of lexical awareness makes it worthy of official acclamation.

A recent survey found that 55% of Australians refer to McDonald’s by the abbreviation, the only country where it is used.

McDonald’s Australia’s chief marketing officer Mark Lollback said the abbreviation “reflects our place in the Australian community. We’re the second most recognised abbreviation after footy.”

May I take this opportunity to urge Macquarie to reject this idea. Heaven only knows how many other brands will decide to target dictionary inclusion as a marketing exercise if this succeeds. And that would be a supersized irritation.

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