Banish Blue Monday – Vote for Wordability

What is it with colours and days? Towards the end of last year, we had Black Friday, a shopping day tradition from America which is now spreading around the world. And thanks to the influence of a mobile phone company, we all know that the busiest days at the cinema are Orange Wednesdays.

And so to the most depressing day of the year, which is rapidly coming to an end as I write this. According to scientists, the third Monday is awarded this dubious accolade because of the combination of post-Christmas depression, bills and gloomy weather. Welcome to “Blue Monday”.

The date of Blue Monday is calculated according to a special and complex formula devised by psychologist Cliff Arnall. Its slightly nonsensical nature probably explains why it is not a naming convention that has really caught on – after all, you probably only really know that Blue Monday is almost over because I just told you. And apparently Dr Arnall now believes that Blue Monday should be called Red Monday to mark the influence of our increasing economic woes. If the expert behinds the day isn’t even convinced of the name any more, what hope for the rest of us.

It just goes to show that naming something to try and define it is not always a guarantee of getting it to seep into public consciousness.

Of course, if you have been suffering from Blue Monday-itis, good news is at hand. Wordability has been nominated in the Best Blog category in the Macmillan Love English awards 2011. So why don’t you follow this link and vote for Wordability – it will help to lift those January blues!

One thought on “Banish Blue Monday – Vote for Wordability

  1. Berie

    I didn’t know about Blue Monday until today, when a colleague mentioned it. Perhaps today should now be known as pale-blue Tuesday. Given that they were hot on the heels of Friday 13th I feel grateful to have made it thro the last 4 days unscathed!

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