Who’s Been Looking in my Wardrobe?

You have to love the Urban Dictionary. It’s a website made up of definitions submitted by users to reflect the way they speak, with scant regard for whether the words and phrases suggested will ever pass the test of the lexicographer.

Their daily ‘word of the day’ e-mail is a mixture of the bizarre, the hilarious and the sometimes obscene. But what I didn’t expect was that one day, it would feature a definition related to my wardrobe.

So I give you the word of the day for January 10 – Hugh Wear. Hugh Wear is defined as ‘The name for a person’s extensive wardrobe of bath robes’. Frankly, I’m flummoxed. I only have one. And it hangs on a door. Surely somebody has defined this word incorrectly, surely it should have been ‘A language expert’s collection of slightly frayed shirts’.

I did wonder whether Hugh Wear was an Urban Dictionary original or a term which had gained internet notoriety. But it seems not. It is a new line of clothing, celebrating the country and the old West. Nothing to do with me, I don’t even own a stetson. There is also a gun shop in Kentucky, and a an Illinois resident who was born in 1841. He had five children, so maybe he had lots of bath robes knocking around the place.

Sadly, I am not sure I will be able to find a suitable explanation for this trend. Just have to go out and buy a dressing gown, I guess.