Tevez Scores a Language Success

When Carlos Tevez apparently refused to come on for Manchester City in the Champions League this week, it is unlikely that he was thinking much about language, unless of course you count his claim of the whole thing being a misunderstanding.

But unknowingly, the Argentinian striker may have added to the tapestry of the English Language. Within a day, the phrase ‘doing a Tevez’ started to be used, to basically mean to refuse to do your job when politely asked to carry it out.

It’s a bit of a linguistic comedown for the superstar – if you Google “doing a Tevez”, you find a mixture. As well as the references to this week’s events, it seems that doing a Tevez had a previous meaning, referring to a hip-swivelling goal celebration. Amateur players were previously quite proud to do a Tevez if they scored, and many have even put their efforts on YouTube. Not sure how many people will follow suit with the new meaning.

Of course, the delicious irony to all of this is that after five years of playing in England, during which time he has managed to display little mastery of the language, Tevez’s most lasting contribution from his time here might end up being a permanent addition to the vernacular.